How To Enhance Your Personal Reputation Management?

How to Enhance Your Personal Reputation Management?

Identify all your stakeholders at the beginning of your project and ensure that you keep them in the loop, involving them in decisions as appropriate.
Outline Your Website Strategy One of the most important things you will do before you start your website project is to create your strategy document, which can be in the form of a project brief.

This document becomes the roadmap for your team. If done well, your strategy will help the team make crucial decisions because you ask yourselves the question, “Is this on strategy…or not?” Some key elements of the strategy document strategy It’s important to understand and document how the website fits into company strategy.

For example, if you are part of an e-commerce business, the website may be how you drive all your revenue or may be critical to how your business acquires new customers engages customers on an ongoing basis. The scope of the project is what you are committing to do and what you are not committing to do. Outlining the scope of the project allows you to push back on requests for additional pages, designs, content, etc.

What is your organization trying to achieve with the website? Is it supposed to drive the brand, capture leads, drive sales, or educate prospects and customers? Defining the goal or goals of the website helps you determine what kind of user experiences is necessary, what content is needed, and how to measure impact.



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